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About GIST

Our forward looking mission

GIST (Global Impact Solutions Today) is an innovative leader and brand in effective impact endeavours and smart, productive philanthropy initiatives. We serve as a unique vehicle and aggregator for a select group of like-minded families, family foundations and new generation leaders. GIST develops and delivers positive, effective impact solutions - where social, environmental and economic goals are inextricably and holistically linked. The trusted relationships GIST develops cultivate a solid foundation from which to support both the impact and philanthropic communities. We strictly follow ethical principles. We do not compromise our values, strong purpose, integrity and credibility. We continue sharpening our impact assessment and investment process. We strive to achieve best practice and excellence.

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Investing for global impact report

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Investing for Global Impact Report 2018      finalcial times gist thumb

Survey 2018 Now Closed

We look forward to present our findings and Fifth Anniversary Report in April 2018

Global Impact

The Investing for Global Impact Report

Work has commenced on the 5th Anniversary Edition to be launched second quarter 2018. Our reports consolidate key trends in the behaviour of wealthy families, who have a pivotal role to play in furthering impact investing