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GIST (Global Impact Solutions Today) serves as a unique vehicle and aggregator for a select group of like-minded families, family foundations and new generation leaders. GIST is a driving force for effective impact endeavours and smart, productive philanthropy.

GIST develops and delivers positive, effective impact solutions – where social, environmental and economic goals are inextricably and holistically linked. The trusted relationships GIST develops cultivate a solid foundation from which to support both the impact and philanthropic communities with “best practices” and impact investment opportunities.

GIST focuses on the needs and expectations of its Partners.
We strive to be a positive reference for all associated stakeholders and embed sustainable social impact in every endeavour. 

We are leading experts in social impact and mission-led initiatives.

The colors in our logo are a constant reminder of the importance of considering cultural differences whilst considering solutions yet also to call attention to the many opportunities which arise from difference.

gist ltd logo mark

The colours in our logo


GIST is a purpose company that fully owns and controls GIST Holdings and GIST Linkages.*

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*GIST Linkages – under incorporation.