Global impact solutions today

At GIST we strive to be a unique, professional platform and enabler for like-minded Families, Family Foundations and New Generation Leaders. We work to provide a framework for effective impact investing and smart philanthropy, whilst helping partners and clients to meet their goals to serve humanity and sustain our planet with a portion of their wealth.


We want to be a pioneer, catalyst and aggregator that forms trusted relationships through talents, resources and ideas.

  • We focus on the needs and expectations of all stakeholders associated with GIST.
  • We are dedicated to mobilising fresh capital for social impact initiatives.
  • We think humanity should be served by wealth and not ruled by it.
  • We strictly follow ethical principles.
  • We do not compromise our values, strong purpose, integrity and credibility.
  • We strive to achieve best practice and excellence.
  • We want to be a positive and inspiring reference for all stakeholders associated with GIST.

We believe that we may be at a ‘tipping point’, there has never been a better time to accelerate progress and have a profound impact around the world. Nations are transitioning from a welfare state to a welfare society.