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Established in 2008 to enable the use of biochar as a tool to enhance soil fertility and effectively remove carbon from the atmosphere. Based in the UK, the company produces value-added biochar products and services for an international client base.

GIST And Carbon Gold Ltd Enter Into A Collaboration – June 2017 – Hastings

Carbon Gold is proud to work with GIST through which we endeavor to expand the application of biochar in the commercial horticulture and agriculture sectors around the world. This collaboration will see us support the efforts of Carbon Gold in all its international markets. The use of biochar has a significant positive impact beyond crop yields, by improving water and nutrient management in stressed soils and creating a more sustainable future as it removes carbon from the atmosphere.

The company was founded by Craig Sams – the co-founder of Green & Black’s and former chairman of the UK’s Soil Association. All of their products are approved for use in organic growing systems.

Most of Carbon Gold’s customers are in the commercial horticulture and tree care sectors. They have also worked with some of the major food brands including Mars, Nestle and Kraft. Carbon Gold’s tree care products are used in the Royal Parks and Gardens of the UK.

All of their products contain biochar. Biochar is a form of ecological charcoal made by heating biomass in a sealed kiln in the absence of oxygen. It has been proven to deliver multiple horticultural and environmental benefits.


These benefits include:

  • Improved soil fertility – enabling stronger, faster growing plants,
  • Improved moisture retention, reducing irrigation requirements by up to 50%,
  • Biochar fixes nutrients in the soil, reducing fertiliser requirements, nutrient leaching and input costs,
  • Biochar helps create a healthy living environment around the roots of plants – increasing plant health and vitality, increasing resilience to disease,
  • Liming effect – biochar can increase pH in soil by up to one unit,
  • Increase in soil carbon resulting in long term reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide. For every tonne of biochar used in the soil, three tonnes of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere.

These benefits have a positive impact on the profits of commercial growers as well as the livelihoods of subsistence farmers around the world.

Biochar is recognised by the World Bank as the most effective system of green house gas abatement in soil when compared to all other sustainable land management practices.


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