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GIST And Energy Everywhere, Inc. Enter Into A Collaboration – March 2019 – Berkeley, CA

ee logo webGIST Initiatives is proud to work with Energy Everywhere and expand the use of solar panels around the world. This collaboration will see GIST support the efforts of Energy Everywhere in all international markets.

Energy Everywhere is the committed leader in delivering advanced flexible solar, innovative storage, and financial technologies to deliver energy where it is needed, when it is needed, at a price users can afford.

Extending from its leading-edge research in Silicon Valley and Milan, the company’s fundamental; approach is built on:

  • The most innovative, low cost, flexible solar and storage that can be manufactured locally. The company is a leader in scaling Perovskite solar for widespread commercial use.
  • The leading system design for storage and energy management hardware and software that reduces cost, creates security and allows for energy trading without overhead.
  • Cutting edge financial services that deliver Energy as a Service (EaaS).


The company has a strong management and technical team, backed by some of the most successful investors including Tesla, Hyperion, eBay, and TAE Technologies.

Fast Growth and Microgrid Solutions

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Energy Everywhere brings the most advanced technologies to microgrids, creating energy solutions that can be used even where traditional solar cannot. The resulting panels are approximately 5% the thickness and weight of silicon modules, with the potential to reach nearly 30% efficiency in the future.

Immediate Returns, Long-Term Growth & Social Impact

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The opportunity to use Microgrids to distribute energy to users is almost boundless. Lives are directly impacted when food production can be carried out in locally powered green houses and cold storage brings agricultural products to market with minimal loss, presenting one of the leading solutions increasing food production by 50% 2035.

Investing in electricity is one of the single most highly leveraged ways to bring universal medical services and education to underserved communities.

Energy Everywhere creates Special Purpose Vehicles, attracting equity and debt investors for customers. The initial SPVs serve the United States and Caribbean but are now expanding globally. Financial analyses show costs per kWh reduced by 10-40%.

With this experience Energy Everywhere is ready to engage on high impact investments and provide excellent stakeholder outcomes.

Find out more about Energy Everywhere here.