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impactadvisoryGIST bridges the gap between Social & Business, Ideas & Practice and Donors & Grantees.

Every engagement is highly customized, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities of each organisation, family and individual. A primary aim of our work is to help build the capacity for effective collaboration. We do this by framing discussions around important decisions: which values and beliefs will guide the investments, what does success looks like and what will it take to get there, and how will the organisations and individuals learn and get better results over time?

GIST engages innovative holistic approaches and tools for greater sustainability and financial viability, such as blended financing and social bonds. We also deliver forward-thinking communication strategies and toolkits to clients to support their pursuit of social and financial impact. 

GIST works with investors, funders and influencers to reposition and integrate in their offerings positive impact factors. We serve a range of organisations and individuals seeking to achieve societal impact using market-based approaches and hence elevate their respective profiles. We focus on mobilizing fresh capital without discouraging smart philanthropic endeavours.

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