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Philanthropy and impact investing mean a lot of different things to different people. As a think tank on this subject, we explore how family offices, foundations and organisations approach impact investing and philanthropy and identify key trends.

Individuals, families and their organisations are an established driving force in the financial world. Today they are ever more active and taking increased personal responsibility over the allocation of their savings and capital. They have an enhanced sense of purpose, the necessary passion, and the appropriate time horizon to enable systemic, sustainable change. Tackling the biggest challenges of our planet through philanthropy and impact investing is also mobilizing the “new generation”, aligning values across family members and purposefully engaging the disengaged.

Our goal is to help this community become more dynamic, grow with experience and ultimately generate an ever more positive and sustainable world for all. 

Learning, Sharing and Dialogue

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GIST hosts round table discussions, events and workshops to support the continuation of the discussions around what Philanthropy and Impact Investing. Our lessons and workshops help to share knowledge and solutions from experts and partners and purposefully connect with those not active in philanthropy or impact to engage their perspective.

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Research, Insights and Action

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GIST produces and supports studies on the art of social impact. We are a leading partner in the yearly report ‘Investing for Global Impact’. This report aims to provide valuable insight from the innovators and visionaries seeking to generate a positive impact through how they invest and how they give.

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